Montecito and Santa Barbara, Volume II


Join author David Myrick as he takes us on an historical journey through Montecito’s years of transition from a sleepy seaside town to today’s vibrant, wealthy community. Volume II centers on the era of the Great Estates, when the influx of prosperous families changed the physical, social, and economic tableau of Montecito.

This is the story of the families that came to Montecito to build great estates for their winter visits. This too is the story of the people who came only to visit and who paid for the privilege to stay at some of these palatial residences. Author Myrick takes the reader through the entire history of selected estates—from conception to destruction in some cases—and provides the family history of many of the estates’ founders as well as successive owners. The reader will sample some of the festive parties given during this era, and learn of the occasional tragedies that befell area families.

The construction and development of Montecito’s great gardens also receive detailed attention. Along with the people who envisioned these beautiful gardens the reader will meet the people who built and maintained them. Many photos of these gardens are handsomely reproduced here.

Beyond the history of the great estates are the supporting characters in the history of Montecito. These include the men and women who built, molded, and taught at the schools in the Montecito area. It’s also the story of how Montecito established and maintained a stable water supply; the history of the Fire Department; the construction of the area’s system of roads, telephone service, shopping centers, hotels, churches, and golf and tennis clubs.

This profusely illustrated work, with over 300 photographs and illustrations, also includes the bibliography and index for both Volume I and II.

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