McGuire Guernica Lounge Chair by Laura Kirar


The crowd-pleaser: the Guernica Lounge Chair is one of Laura Kirar’s favorites of the collection. With its undeniable presence and incredible energy, the Guernica Lounge Chair is not to be ignored. Like its artful counterpart embodying peace and symbolism, this chair is more complicated than it may first appear: the engineering is intricate and requires hand-craftsmanship that takes several weeks to complete by a single person, yet the result feels effortless and primitive. It requires 3,500 holes to be carefully placed through the honeycomb caning, then the artisan uses a custom-made needle to place and knot the contrasting smooth and textured leather laces of varying lengths to create the fringe. “I love that it is strong and opinionated,” says Kirar. Pair two for a comfortable and very dramatic fashion statement. Available in black or brown leather fringe; cushions and inside back are custom with COM.

Dimensions: 31.5W 32.5D 31.5H