Petrified Wood Side Table


Petrified wood comes from the Greek word petro meaning “rock” or “stone” and is literally “wood turned to stone”. It is a special type of fossilized remains of a tree with the appearance of the wood cell structure preserved. The fossilization process begins when trees become buried in sediment. Mineral rich water passing through the sediment carries away the decaying wood molecules and replaces them with minerals, usually silica. And over thousands of years the minerals crystallize producing a metamorphic stone fossil with the appearance of wood. These pieces are collected from areas with ancient volcanic activity and are hand-picked from the ground’s surface.

NOTE: All measurements are approximate, and size and color are approximate – no two are alike. Each piece will vary in color, size and shape, thus ensuring a one-of-a-kind item every time.

This type of collecting does not damage the environment and is in compliance with all environmental regulations.

  • Petrified wood
  • Dimensions are approximate
  • Shape, size, color and weight can vary slightly as each table is a made from a unique natural material

Dimensions: W 17.5 | D 17.5 | H 19.5