Accessorizing – The Design Guy Shares his “How To”

We love accessories and personal collections, and are often asked to come out to a client’s home and “do” their accessories. It’s one of our favorite requests, and after we’re finished we are thrilled when they say they love what we’ve done. The fact is you can “do it” yourself. Really! You can recreate your own Getty Villa if that’s … Read More

Fashion vs. Furnishings- Shagreen

  sha·green  (sh-grn) adj. 1. The rough hide of a shark or ray, covered with numerous bony denticles and used as an abrasive and as leather. 2. An untanned leather with a granular surface that is often dyed green. –Dictionary  1. Stratton Metal Cocktail Table 2. Stratton Metal Chair Side Table 3. Stratton Metal End Table                   … Read More