“Rainbow Carrots” by Macduff Everton


The “Botanicals” Collection

The dictionary defines botanical as of or relating to plants. Botanical illustration and art became very popular beginning in the 18th century when printing progressed to a degree that artful and scientifically accurate illustrations of plants could be reproduced as prints. They were valued and popular as wall art. These photographs carry on that tradition and are a celebration of the inherent simple but classical beauty and vibrancy of these colorful rainbow carrots, a leek, or a medley of peppers.

These images are so lush and real you want to reach out and touch them. Macduff Everton’s stunning photographs are printed on Chromaluxe Aluminum, with an Inset-Euro, custom built,  3/4″ frame that gives the illusion the print is floating off the wall. They don’t require additional framing and can be dusted or cleaned with a cotton rag.


Rainbow Carrots by Macduff Everton

Dimension: 30W”x 0.75D”x45H”  Limited Edition #1/10
Dimension: 16″Wx 0.75″D”x24″H  Limited Edition #1/15