Bedroom Vignette


Inspired by the current bedroom vignette at Cabana Home, Santa Barbara this bedroom incorporates complimentary colors blue and orange found in Mary Heebner’s new works. Mixed with neutral colors creates an elegant atmosphere with a touch of masculinity.

Pieces in the Vignette: 


1. Mary Heebner, Venus XI (Cloth, Dripping), 2013

Mixed media collage on Asoka paper, with fragment of photo-based print, powdered pigment, handmade cotton, rose tinted gampi paper and acrylic
34 x 35 inches

Purchase: $5,500



2. Mary Heebner, Venus XII (With what eyes?), 2013

Mixed media collage on Asoka paper, with fragment of photo-based print, powdered pigment, handmade cotton, rose tinted gampi paper and acrylic
34 x 35 inches

 Purchase: $5,500 



3. Broughton Table Lamp

The soaring cityscape of 1930’s New York was the inspiration for this architectural table lamp. Finished in either Babylon Gold or Smoke Gold on an acrylic base, the Broughton Table Lamp is sure to add a touch of drama to the mix.

37 H in.


Alessandria Bowls

4. Alessandria Bowls – Set of 3

Set of three hand hammered solid brass bowls with irregular top edge. Polished on the inside and bronzed on the outside. Not food safe but a great way to hold and organize things on your desk top or vanity.



5. Neoclasical Italian Chest 

An Italian Neoclassic Late XVIII Century Marquetry commode , the drawers are decorated with Maple and Ebony inlays forming diamonds. The chest has also Ebony inlays in the posts and the legs.



6. Drake Upholstered Bed 

Custom upholstered Drake Bed. Available in Twin, Full, Queen, California King, Eastern King.

Available in custom nailhead trim and option of a tufted headboard.


Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 12.19.23 PM

7. Alpaca and Linen Bedding 

The Prima Alpaca’s luster, softness and rich colors have a timeless appeal that suggest application across a wide range of design styles.

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8. Baker Colin Cab Lounge Chair 

A truly chic silhouette. The soft corners of this modern lounge chair invite one to sit and relax. Tailored like a fine suit with exquisite upholstered detailing, allowing for many interpretations. The sensual form rests atop a low tapered front leg and round rear leg.

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9. Honeycomb Alpaca Throw 

Our throws are a modern day staple in home décor which adds personality to neutral furniture, enlivens dark woods, and is a lovely accent to your bedroom. The alpaca fibers keep you 5 times warmer than wool as well as maintaining a lightweight appearance that will allow you to take it with you everywhere you go.

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10. Hair on Hide Area Rug 

Cabana Home supports the conservation and protection of Africa’s wildlife.  We import only certified animal skins from reputable tanneries and hunters.  Antelopes such as the springbok continue to thrive in the protected wildlife reserves of the African savannah.  To maintain the delicate natural balance between the animals and their habitat, park and government authorities must undertake a controlled annual culling of the herd.  The sale of hides from this culling generates additional income which is used to sustain the conservation program.

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