CABANA HOME "Salon" benefits Planned Parenthood of Santa Barbara

Cabana Home presented their second ever ‘salon’ event at their flagship store in Santa Barbara, CA.  The evening benefitted Planned Parenthood of Santa Barbara.
The event was hosted by Steve & Caroline Thompson, the design team behind Cabana Home in Santa Barbara. 40 guests were welcomed to their home furnishings studio for a “European-style Salon.”
In their commitment to refined living, owners/designers Caroline and Steve Thompson regularly present renowned designers, modern artists and historians with knowledge of home furnishings, period style and current design.
On this evening, Chicago – based Jim Caughman, Senior marketing Executive for Baker Furniture, McGuire Furniture, Anne Sacks Tile, and Kallista, was the featured speaker.  A highly sought after and charismatic speaker on the social lecture circuit, Jim enthralled the group with his multi-media presentation on “The History of Luxury.” The entertaining experience explored the historical events and players that created the concept of luxury goods and services spanning a period from the French Court of Louis XIV to modern French powerhouses Dior, Chanel, Vuitton and Hermes.”
Picture: Luxury French Furniture Design then: An early French Bergère chair (a Bergère chair is an upholstered chair having closed, upholstered sides, arm rests, seat, and back, and exposed wooden legs). Bergère chairs were first produced in the French Regency period, popular during the time of Louis XV, and with Marie Antionette who used them in her country home, Petit Trianon.
Picture: Luxury French Furniture design today: The Palace Chair, a modern interpretation of a Bergère style chair by Jacques Garcia for Baker Furniture. Mr. Garcia (the designer hired by the French government to restore the interiors of the Palace of Versailles) designed this chair with cantilevered arm rests. This style of chair was favored by the French Directory as well as the Emperor. They could also be found in Malmaison (Josephine de Beauharnais’ palace) and the Compiegne (Napoleon III’s favorite residence). 

Guests enjoyed sampling flavorful bites and hip cocktails in the salon-style setting of Cabana Home. This evening of “Luxe Living” was generously presented by Cabana Home, on behalf of Planned Parenthood fund Raising Chairwomen, Serena Crowley and Lloyd Hutchings.

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