It was Day 3, and we we’re really almost done with the move! Hooray!

The next morning we slept in til 9:00 A.M., on purpose this time, nor did we have an annoying wake up call!

We took our time at our favorite breakfast buffet, in the poolside dining room (included in the room price in the summer months but not in high season, which of course is now!).

Afterwards, we drove through the U of A campus a little more leisurely, as the pressure was off. The campus is not particularly attractive, but the campus MALL is beautiful, as is OLD MAIN, a wonderful restored historic building.

When we walked into MC’s room at the Niner house, the pressure resurfaced. We were faced with piles of clothes to try and fit into Jetta Jane, which was quite simply an impossible task.

I convinced her that we could not take all of it with us, and more importantly, that there is no way she can accommodate even a fraction of these many clothes in her New York apartment.

She was willing, so we divided them up into four piles: One pile to go to Goodwill; another for Buffalo Exchange, her favorite resale shop (2001 E. Speedway, Tucson, 520.795.0508); one to Fed Ex; and a pile for the things that would fit into Jetta Jane!

Once that was done, we started making the first of several trips to Fed Ex, where we ended up shipping a total of fourteen boxes and/or suitcases, all filled to the brim; I pulled up to Buffalo Exchange twice, and Goodwill once.

While MC worked on loading Jetta Jane, I worked on pulling up the new carpet (the new carpet had been laid over the existing carpet); I then removed her curtains and rods, and reinstalled the original vertical plastic blinds, which drove me crazy; Lastly I reinstalled the built in desk, which we had taken down to create a charming niche for her dresser.

We made it back to the Arizona Inn around 8:00 P.M., just in time to shower, dress and meet her friends in the hotel’s Audubon Bar, and later dinner in the main Dining room. It was just me and the girls, but I had a good time. I was so impressed with just how sophisticated, smart and well mannered her friends were. These girls have been really good friends to MC, and I’m so glad she had met them.

After dinner we retired to the hotel Library to finish our coffees, where they took some pictures in front of the Christmas Tree. I soon excused myself, and left MC to say her goodbye’s.

Off to bed to rest for tomorrow’s drive back to California, and of course with a few stops along the way. First stop Scottsdale, where we luxuriated/slept in the Royal Palms Hotel.

Tune in tomorrow for: Day 4: Adventures in Moving a (my) College Student!

Good Night Moon

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