Fashion vs. Furnishings- Chevron Stripe

fashion vs furnishigns-chevron stripe


This past year the classic chevron stripe has been claimed as a hot fashion trend.

The chevron stripe is a zig zag v-shaped pattern. The word is usually used in reference to a badge or insignia used in military or police uniforms. It indicates the rank or length of service. It is also used in heraldry with the chevron design used as the dominant image of the arm. The chevron stripe has been used in architecture, pottery and rock carvings as well. Other uses of the chevron as insignia are common but one most notably recognized is that of the oil company Chevron. It uses the red/blue chevron stripe as its logo. It is bold and recognizable. This stripe has been with us down through the ages and has had a strong come back this year. Look for it… you will see what I mean.” –Cozy

In Fashion…


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At Cabana Home…

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