Jerry Pair Leather available at Cabana Home

Jerry Pair Leather available at Cabana Home


“Jerry Pair Leather provides high-end European hides for today’s luxury interiors. They offer a multitude of textures, and are known for both stand-out color choices as well as a fun personality. An ethusiastically chic, “always in style” outlook coupled with a signature play on words makes Jerry Pair Leather a clever and memorable player in the high-end leathers industry.

Customer-friendly, in stock with no charge for overage policies, as well as competitive pricing for luxury impact, makes Jerry Pair Leather a true original in the interior leathers market.”

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Dining chairs upholstered in Jerry Pair Leather


Greek Key Ottoman upholstered in Moochas Gracias leather.


Chest upholstered in Moochas Gracias. Color: Midnight.


Ole’ Leather


Moochas Gracias leather

Please note, all imagery was obtained on the Jerrypairleather website and Facebook.

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