Packages aren't always Gifts!

I know I’m supposed to talk about dressing as it relates to the home, but I’ve just come from the gym, and well, maybe there should be fashion police. Come on guys…whats up with the spandex. And, for that matter, you gals ought to consider a check in the three way mirror before leaving your digs. No, gentlemen, the gym is not the place to show your package, no matter the content. And ladies, just because spandex is available in plus sizes, it doesn’t mean its a good idea.
Now you see? No one’s sacred. Me? I wear baggy basketball shorts over my tighties. I know what I’ve got, and I’ good with that. You, spare us the pain and cover up.

Today is a work day, and there’s plenty to do. Do? What do I do you ask? I’m an editor; a guide; a sympathetic ear-a listener; sometimes marriage counselor; sometimes therapist. I’m a traveler; an observer; a researcher; a shopper; a thinker. Sometimes I’m impatient; rude; thoughtless; and I hate to admit-a little mean. Words hurt. They hurt us all when used offensively-intended or not.

A friend once said to me, Does it need to be said? Does it need to be said by me? Does it need to be said right now? Wow! Good words, but how can I be all or even a part of the adjectives listed above, if I live by those questions? Humm

I’ll bring the world of design to you as I experience it, from my own unique perspective. So, here’s another thing we need to get straight from the get go…this blogs not for everyone. If your hip, slick, and cool; or your not and you want to be; or just here for the entertainment value, and some of you are, then stay tuned and hold on to your Aeron chair, because we’re going to roll with it. If it needs to be said I’m gonna say it; and I’m gonna say it now. I’ll try to be nice, I really will. But mean guy might show up, uninvited every once in a while, and I’m sure you’ll let me know about it. Bring it on, lets Watusi.

Its not just about clothing fashion, though the last two postings were about over-the-calve socks, and proper gym attire. This blog is for your A list. Hang on to it because your home is next. We’re going to talk about that, a lot. Be here or be…wherever the hell you want to be (ah, its mean guy talking now).


Good night moon.

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