I make oil paintings. The structural motif in my work was a response to visiting the great Italian cathedrals (Siena, Florence and Orvieto, for example) and seeing a connection to my beloved, layered landscapes of the Desert Southwest. It became a device on which to hang color and have less concern with shapes and composition. My palette is influenced by my regular travels into the wilderness, most often, but not limited to the desert. I have trekked all over the western United States, Iceland, New Zealand, the Dolomites in Italy, Scotland, Tasmania and Guatemala, etching into my subconscious the light and color of the various locales. This provides a foundation from which to start a painting. Ultimately, my work is about location and a sense of place. It is location that civilization has been built upon, that is, the places that allowed the cultures of the world to begin. Geography is the groundwork for our social existence and my paintings reference that, not as metaphor but as experience. In the end, everyone experiences art through their own devices. I strive to make paintings that never look the same every time they’re looked at.

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