Paris Café Chair


The Paris Cafe Chair


Inspired by the vintage campaign style, these uniquely designed cowhide folding chairs are crafted from teak with copper rivets. The soft goatskin cushion is filled with recycled fabric from the textile trade; easily re-fluffable for a lifetime. Once built, each chair is placed in the Equator’s warm sun then hand-oiled, polished, then oiled and polished again. Next stop… a cafe in downtown Columbo, Sri Lanka – made known by Sir Thomas Lipton and his tea – where patrons enjoy a cup of Earl Grey and encourage the natural patina.

This 30 day journey – plus the unique “pickling” process, utilizing chemical-free Mimosa Bark to achieve the rich tobacco color – creates a waterproof finish making these indoor/outdoor chairs A Movable Feast.

Dimensions: 22W x 22D x 33H