Love Outdoor Furniture!

In the garden at Cabana Home Santa Brabara

I love outdoor furniture because it means fun outdoors, entertaining with friends, not being at work, and lapping up this amazing California weather! I also love outdoor furniture for more practical reasons, one being is that it can stay outdoors all year round. That means I don’t have to haul it in at the end of the day or when the party’s over, it stays out and I can go in! Same for the outdoor cushions, because they’re made with Sunbrella Fabric to withstand the elements, they can stay out as well. All I have to do is put the umbrella down!

White Amari Dining Chair and Table poolside

Rain or shine, this furniture lives outdoors year round.

Summer is in full swing at Cabana Home where entertaining outdoors with friends and family is the order of the day. Nothing exemplifies summer more than spending time in front of the barbie, alfresco dinners, hiking, and poolside with friends. For those of us lucky enough to live near the ocean, a day at the beach under an umbrella is a welcome respite after a busy work week.

Hiking Montecito Peak in Santa Barbara

Hiking with the family… I’m the only one with my tongue hanging out!

Based in Santa Barbara, we’re accustomed to weather that allows us to live outdoors year round, literally year round, so having durable outdoor furniture that can take the elements of sun, sand, and the ravages of salt air is essential.


Palladium finish Amari Chaise Lounge and table on the patio

Amari Chaise Lounge


Our Most Popular

Our most popular outdoor furniture is from the Amari Collection, and the most popular piece is the Amari High Back Lounge Chair, shown below. This incredibly durable furniture is from Los Angeles based Janus et Cie, founded by a local Santa Barbaran Janice Feldman. Feldman is not only a brilliant designer, but is considered by many to be an innovator in employing sustainable practices in manufacturing and using environmentally conscious materials.

Bronze finish Amari High Back Lounge Chair used indoors

Amari High Back Lounge Chair

The Amari Collection is woven from JANUSfiber™ synthetic materials which are engineered to withstand the effects of weather and time, offering superb performance characteristics including resistance to ultra-violet light, moisture and microorganisms, will not tear and the integral color will not fade. JANUSfiber was founded in traditional Asian craftsmanship, and is hand woven and 100% recyclable. Inspired by natural plant fibers historically used to construct indoor seating elements, the palette encompasses an array of subtle, organic hues inspired by nature.The Amari Collection includes Dining Tables and Dining Chairs, Lounge Chairs, Chaise Lounges, Coffee Tables and Occasional Tables, and is recommended for indoor and outdoor residential, and even for hospitality and contract use.

Several months ago, Janice brought one of the craftsman from Singapore to her LA Showroom, where for one week he worked in a showroom window and wove by hand an Amari Low Back Lounge Chair, demonstrating the care, craftsmanship, and the time it takes to create the quality intrinsic to this collection.

an Amari hand woven lounge chair

Amari Low Back Lounge Chair in the painstaking weaving process.


Bamboo Green Amari Lounge Chair, coffee and side table

Amari Lounge Chair finished, and on the lawn at Rob Lowes Montecito estate

Made in the shade is a state of mind that starts with the right umbrella, or Parasol as some call it. We represent Tuuci Umbrellas, a coastal company that makes not only the best looking, but the most durable umbrellas for residential, yacht, hotel and restaurant use.


Aqua blue and white Crescent umbrella on the beach

Oblong and unique, the Crescent umbrella from Tuuci.


A blazing orange Sunbrella fabric on the Stingray umbrella

Tuuci’s famed Stingray umbrella design.


The Manta umbrella straddles the beach and pool

The Tuuci Manta Umbrella.

The most popular umbrella is the side mount, or cantilever umbrellas, which allows you to have the area you are covering fully covering with now umbrella pole or umbrella stand in the middle of your entertaining area.

Dual Ocean Master cantilever umbrellas

Our most popular umbrella: The Tuuci cantilever umbrella, used here in a pair which gives massive shade.

Here’s the Take Away on the Essential Qualities of Outdoor Furniture

  • Powder Coated Aluminum frames
  • Element Resistance – JANUSfiber resists the ravages of ultra-violet light, moisture and microorganisms
  • Durability – JANUSfiber will not tear, and the integral color will not fade
  • Recyclable- JANUSfiber is 100% recyclable
  • Demand that your furniture is made using sustainable practices in manufacturing and using environmentally conscious materials
  • Sunbrella Fabrics- Woven from 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic for a microbe-resistant surface that resists soil, abrasion and fading from UV light. Sunbrella Fabrics are 100% recyclable

We are responsible for our environment, not the next guy. Part of being responsible is making sure we insist on products that are made from sustainable, recyclable materials, and from companies that do not use abusive labor practices. Inexpensive outdoor furniture is readily available from discount big box stores, drug stores and even grocery stores, so ask yourself this: Can the furniture you are considering meet the bullet points listed above, and if they can, go for it, if not, give it some thought. Please.

So, come on and join us and have some fun! Let’s Live this life outdoors!

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