Modernism Santa Barbara Show Closes April 15th

The Modernism show at Cabana Home Santa Barbara, Art + Form, featuring the furniture designs of Milo Baughman closes this week, Friday April 15th, 2016 at 6:00 PM.

Milo Baughman chairs and Brian Hollister painting

Design Classics: Left, 1188 Arm Chair, Right, 951 Arm Chair

The Baughman designs on display from Thayer Coggin are extraordinary. Never before have we had a show with such depth in a particular period of American furniture.

Milo Baughman chair with bone table

The Draper Chair

Though the designs were made as long as 63 years ago, they feel so fresh and exciting, no wonder its so broadly collected today.

Orange velvet fabric on Thayer Coggin Chair and ottoman

Milo Baughman Giant Swivel Tub Chair and Ottoman

It’s interesting to note that if you bought one of these pieces from Cabana Home new today, which are still being made by Thayer Coggin the original manufacture, you would pay almost 50% less than if you purchased a broken down vintage Milo Baughman design.

Leather recliner with leopard pillow

Tighten Up Recliner (also available motorized)

The Milo Baughman show shares the showroom with the abstract oil paintings of California painter, Brian Hollister. Hollister’s abstract imagery is born out of a desire to evoke the majesty found in nature.

A pair of black & white paintings with Lee sectional

Diptych: “The Black Place” “The White Place”, Oil on canvas, Brian Hollister

Suggesting the stratigraphy of earthen forms, Hollister creates works with strong horizontal bands of color which shift between field and ground. Hollister’s work is exhibited regularly in Santa Fe and Los Angeles, and now at Cabana Home Santa Barbara through April 28th, 2016.

This show is made possible by Thayer Coggin, the original manufacture of the Milo Baughman Collection, and the Edward Cella Gallery in Los Angeles.

Please stop by and see Art + Form show at Cabana Home while its still on the central coast, we would love to see you.


Goodnight moon.

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